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Pastor Says NO to Women Wearing WEAVES in Church | AmericaPreachers.com

First let me say I don't wear weave but I do wear wigs. I think not everyone wears "fake" hair for the same reasons. hair loss. Other people I know like to change up their look. Maybe some have self esteem issues idk.

. But I think the pastor has a valid point about why are broke people getting $300 weave? This is going to make me unpopular but if I'm the grocery store behind someone swiping an EBT card with $300 weave Im going to be like wth? I dont care if she didnt pay for the hair because whoever gave her the money for it she could have bought groceries. We have so many people with the wrong priorities and Im not just talking weaves or women. I know people who get paid, blow their money then can't pay their bills. I know someone who spends $300 a month renting furniture and she is about disabled.
Im sure some of these church folks go poor mouthing to the church for help and this preacher is sick of it. I know people who have receive thousands of dollars from tax returns, settlements, FEMA and before you can blink the money is gone and they have nothing to show for it. Employers have told me how workers tend go aWOL in January when the get their returns the show up later wanting jobs back.. As my grandma would say they ain't got a pot to piss in or one to throw it out of.
I have a friend who owns a bss and people are always trying to steal hair. Same at Sallys and salons. People risking jail for hair? Your thoughts?
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.