So what then do you wash with if you don't use soap or SLS? Seems like those are the only two options... what are we supposed to wash our bodies with? Even the "sensitive soap free" stuff has SLS.
It doesn't have to be "all natural, I just prefer to avoid irritants and carcinogens and also allergin inducing things like artificial colors. I know soap is made with lye but no lye remains after saponification. Castile soap is just made with plant oils instead of animal fat like a lot of soap was made from tallow.

I have recently been more concerned about our omega 3 intake which is why Ive been trying to eat fish twice a week but I'm lucky if we get it once. Its usually salmon, rainbow trout when its available. I don't like much else. So I stared the cod liver oil capsules. And yes being a nurse I have given fish oil sometimes to patients and I cant stand the smell. Have you ever had to dissolve a fish oil gel cap in water to put in a feeding tube? Not pleasant.
Not to mention I have a hard time with the way fish smells because of my years working in the ER and having a patient come in with abdominal pain and gi upset ... what did you have for dinner? Oh never mind".. anyway I use this:

I love tuna, does that count?

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