That was really nice, munchkin. I think I see where you are going with it.

I didn't mean to imply you thought kids had to get all As. Unfortunately, even though they may try to hide it, that is what the school system is stressing these days. Our county just revamped their grading system so more people will be getting As.

Unfortunately, many people graduate without knowing how to count change. Cash is not used as often as it once was and it is super easy to get a phone to do the calculations.
I think kids are missing out on a lot of things due to the ridiculous amount testing forced on the schools now.

Also, I think sometimes adults just will not be able to impress upon certain kids how important education really is. School can be such a miserable stressful place for way too many kids. Hopefully, it is something the kids will realize as adults. Like you said, we do need keep educating to move forward.

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