Ok, I have found some pictures of my curls-journey. I'm still hoping someone can help me with my problem.

Photo 1: Around 13 yo, thought I had wavy hair, always brushed it.

Photo 2: Around 14 yo, had my hair cut in layers that day, learned I shouldn't brush it when being dry.

Photo 3: Around 14 yo, having layers for a few months

Photo 4: Around 15 yo, doing more hairmasks + used a con without silicones without knowing it

Photo 5: 17 yo, two months ago, first day being CG

I just find it so strange that my hair looked more moisturized when I used more agressive and bad ingredients in my hair care. Here's one of the ingredient lists of one of the product of the brand I used: http://i993.photobucket.com/albums/a...gredienten.jpg

What can I do best? Maybe I should try a conditioner with watersolutable silicones? Maybe I should try oils to seal? I'm just thinking I need more sealing since my hair looked more curly (more frizzy too though, that's the reason too why I began with the experimenting) when I used silicones. Anyone with me or having better advice or tips?
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