Right now my dilemma is this: do I look for teaching jobs (think I would like to do that eventually, maybe right now but not necessarily) or do I look for something closer to what I have now, but better?
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Meegs, what kind of teaching job would you eventually like and what field are you in? Being a teacher myself, naturally I'm curious...
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Current field: publishing. Would like to teach at a two-year college. That's what my current internship is right now. Yes, I am taking classes, doing an internship and working full-time--I am insane. To cut an extremely long story short, right now my choices are:

1. Look for full-time teaching job now. Tenure-track jobs are hard to find, and I'd have to be open to moving to the job for at least the first few years. I don't want to move--that's the main drawback of this plan.

2. Keep my current job or find a new job and adjunct for a few years to get some experience and increase my chances of finding a teaching job w/o moving. Drawback: at least two more years of an insane schedule similar to the one I've endured for the last two years. Sooner or later I have to start having a life.

3. Stick w/ something closer to my current job and keep the teaching thing in my back pocket for a little while.

Decisions, decisions!

I did finally get a call back from that other job. I have an interview.
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