Thanks for your reply. Yes, that is sad about BB -- she seemed to be doing well when she used to post on here (if it's the same person I am thinking of).

Is it LCLF that offers some product suggestions also (I thought one of them did, and I saw that GoosefootPrints said they don't)? I've sort of ruled out Komaza due to their limited supply not always jiving with when I have the funds/desire to do it.
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Komaza Care is pretty pricey, I used to suggest it until they put the price up - now there is a cheaper alternative that also uses microscopy it's a no brainer to recommend that one.

Live Curly Live Free don't do product suggestions AFAIK, that is Komaza Care I think. Goosefootprints might suggest ingredients if you ask, it's IAGirl who is 'famous' for the gelatin treatment so she knows about formulation.
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG. Past bra strap length heading for waist.

CO-wash: Inecto coconut/ Elvive Volume Collagen
Treatments: Komaza Care Matani, coconut/ sweet almond/ fractionated coconut oils, Hairveda Sitrinillah
Leave in: Fructis Sleek & Shine (old), Gliss Ultimate Volume, various Elvive
Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Au Naturale styling gelee
Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect