And please keep in mind I am not trying to minimize any psychiatric disorders.
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You know, so far I've only been writing about things we disagree on. But aside from the topic of transgender, I mostly agree with what you've said. I really appreciate the experiences you've shared, and I wish you and your family well
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Thank you, I just didnt want people to think I was being an insensitive jerk in regards to mental illness.

What happens to someone who has gender identity disorder if he or she is not treated? Why is this surgery and/or hormone treatment considered a medical necessity?

I am unhappy that prisoners get free medical treatment that people who have not committed any crime cannot afford. Where is the line drawn? I would much rather pay for someone who has committed no crime to get any and all kinds of medical treatment than have my taxes go toward paying for medical treatment for prisoners unless it is absolutely necessary.

I have no issue whatsoever with someone opting for trans gender surgery if he or she can pay for it. Also, I deeply want a more equitable health care system in this country.
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It really is sad that prisoners get free healthcare when the general population doesn't. But then again as a human being they are being locked away from society and punished for their crimes but they should still be treated like humanely and that includes meeting their basic healthcare needs. This to me includes what services would be provided in an emergency room.

If you come into an emergency room you can not be turned away based on ability to pay. So if your blood pressure is too high they will give you medicine to make it better, if you are having a heart attack they will take you to the cath lab. If you need surgery for something life threatening like an intestinal perforation or lacerated spleen, they will send you to the operating room. If you need a blood transfusion you will get that, if you cut your self they will sew it up so you don't bleed to death. If you have an infection you get antibiotics so you don't become septic. If you have a seizure they will treat that and try to figure out the cause. If your dehydrated you get IV fluids, if your electrolytes are out of balance they will try to fix that, if your diabetic and your blood sugar is too high and making you sick they will treat that, if you stop breathing they will put you on a ventilator, and if you die they will preform cpr and advanced life support.

If you go into the ER with acute psychosis they will treat that too. They will give antipsychotics and admit you or transfer to a psych hospital, if you are in drug or alcohol withdrawals they will treat that too.

Heck, if your out of blood pressure or diabetes medications they will give you a prescription for a small supply till you can get to the doctor or a clinic.

IF YOU GO INTO THE ER and ask for hormones or surgery to change your gender.... its not gonna happen.

See the difference?

I really wish there were affordable healthcare for everyone but then I see a lot of abuse of the system too. People with expensive cars, clothes, and accessories who claim they don't have enough money to buy an insurance policy? Yet you see the gold jewelry they wear and pack of cigarettes in their designer purse. Where are their priorities? They apply for assistance and dont claim the income of their live in significant other and complain about not being able to afford insurance, yet they work only part time jobs because if they worked full time they wouldnt *qualify* for assistance.

This is not everyone and I know there are people who legitimately can not afford despite working full time jobs. I wish there were a better system and then maybe we wouldn't have so many people that abused it?