What happens to someone who has gender identity disorder if he or she is not treated? Why is this surgery and/or hormone treatment considered a medical necessity?
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For people who need to transition that way, being unable to is extremely detrimental to their mental health and ability to function. I know how much you care about people, and the stories out there would absolutely break your heart -- just as they break mine. And the only real way to treat these issues is to remove their cause.

I am unhappy that prisoners get free medical treatment that people who have not committed any crime cannot afford.
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But which is really the problem: that prisoners have access to healthcare, or that millions of people don't? I'm very, very glad that prisoners have their medical treatment subsidized by taxes. And I'll be even happier when all of us do!

Plus, paying for prisoners' healthcare isn't taking away money from everyone else's healthcare. The amount we each pay for that is miniscule, and cutting their medical bills would just send the tax money elsewhere. It's not like the government would say, "Oh, looks like we have this extra money. I guess we have to create a national healthcare program to spend it on!"

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