I think we've all had bad experiences growing up with our curly hair. I really don't recall being teased. My mom used to keep my hair super-short when I was little.....I looked like a pixie. Then in junior high....I started letting my hair grow, but I didn't know how to take care of it.....I brushed it all the time, which made it frizzy and BIG. I have some really bad school pictures!!!
As I had said before in another post, I really didn't get a handle on my hair until I was about 20. I finally grew my hair long enough to where I love it. It took years of fighting and trying every product on the market and learning how to style it, but it finally looks they way I want it.
Now, one of my adult friends gave me the nickname "Poodledoo"....he calls me that all the time....so that's how I log in here.