If I was famous as in a performer I would wear a lot of wigs and weaves just to keep stylists from frying my hair. Alicia Keys says that is why she started braids was she was tired of stylists messing with it.

You can tell me what the UK is like but my experience is the US is that it is not so much about relaxed hair as it is "good hair" ie not 4 hair. being a woman with long flowy natural hair is treated in the black community like winning the lottery. I have many cousins with loose hair and no one ever tells them they need a relaxer My avatar is my great grandmother who died before I was born but to this day my family brags about her long curly hair that all she needed was to wet it and put grease in it. They love to tell how Her father had straight hair and her mother wavy.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.