I truly think a lot of this - but not all of it - is a feminist issue. Those of us who are women understand just how much pressure there is to conform to this or that beauty standard. Not only do we have our poor black sisters spending thousands on weave, we have our poor white sisters spending thousands on plastic surgery. And I bet every ethnic group has some version of this insane story here in the US.

We're all so unholy bombarded by impossible, air-brushed images of "perfect" people - especially women - w/their wealth, social status and relative freedom and safety; the implication that their looks bought them everything they have. We're all expected to live up to that or we feel we aren't viable. And, you know, maybe some poor people are paying for more than just hair. Maybe it fulfills some fantasy that they've arrived - they look in the mirror and feel for a moment like they've escaped their difficulties, that they could be some privileged person living in a care-free suburb. Of course it's an illogical choice to starve for that, but in the context of a crazy country, I think I get it.

So it's a feminist issue IMO and also a specific kind of American sickness. I like that the preacher is addressing the issue.

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