Per your picture, your hair is fabulous! Your friend may be uncomfortable because you've left the straight hair "team" -- where she's naturally very successful -- to do something that would be hard or impossible for her to do. So it calls into question a goal/value of hers. I agree with other posters that you should just tell her that curly hair is natural for you, like straight hair is natural for her, and you love your look, for you, like she likes her own look for her. With regard to healthiness, just about any straightening process from chemicals to blow-drying is much more damaging to hair than working with the curl.

By the way -- what do you use on your hair?? I'm 3b too but my curls are a little tighter and much frizzier. Whatever you're doing, you're getting a fabulous, HEALTHY look!
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Aww i think tight curls are beautiful!! i wish i have tighter 3bs ) but my hair routine is just very simple...the conditioners i use are either aussie moist, shea moisture raw shea butter conditoner, herbal essence hello hydration and i shampoo once a week but it depends on my build up..and then for my leave in i use kinky curly knot today or shea moisture smoothie or styling milk and i use just a little bit of gel if theres a lot of humid(im from Texas) i use any gel like la looks or la bella gels...and most of the time i air dry but i have low porosity so sometimes i have to blowdry..i deep condition using a home remedy with eggs, mayonaise, honey, olive oil, or sometimes avocado instead of mayonaise. Thats basically just all tht...i learned it from what most people post here and it worked for me