I had a great first day today...and apparently the girl that dislikes my curly hair is not my friend anymore...I saw her giving dirty looks to me at lunch -.- ..but hey I wore my hair natural today i was gonna wear it straight...but i honestly love my curly hair better on me..and i didnt care what other people think bout it...back then when i wore my hair straight i felt like im in jail..like its not me..like i only straight it because i think everyone like straight hair better, and with curly hair i just felt more me..like it fits my personality better!
Thank you korscrew, mr bobby, fightingfrizz, princescurlies, greenlight, sayoon, firefox....i will totally remember what you all posted..i will always keep in mind the advices yall gave me
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You should very proud of yourself for staying true to who you are. Fitting with the "in" bunch may sound good in the short term but trust me, being yourself will win you much more respect in the long run. You may not see it now but it will happen.

Look at the bright side, by going natural and letting your curls do their thing, you have hair others would pay money to get with perms.

Keep rockin' those gorgeous curls.
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"Curls aren't just for girls"