LOL....dude's a trip! I think it's laughable that a black preacher would say anything about this matter period to be honest. Really any preacher when it comes to money. I wonder if he's thankin' bout them finanically struggling when they start playing the piano and passing that collection plate around.

I don't think it's my or anyone else's business how a woman or man allocates their money. There is a bit of class-ism and self-righteousness from that preacher. Well actually a lot of it. The truth is that there are a PLETHORA of "more important" things people can spend money on....any LUXURY item that does not provide basic food, shelter, etc can be seen as a waste of money.....because there is ALWAYS something more "important" that money can be invested in...always. With that being said....I don't see how anyone could agree with this with a straight face. Maybe because of who it's directed to this time. I'm curious if his rant was directed at natural's who spend crazy amounts of money on hair products if the perception on his rant would flip. I only say that because judging by the blogosphere...the people that seem to agree with his rant the most are....naturals (who are anti-weave).

PJs (Im going there too) spend thousands of dollars on hair products that they don't even use. I know people with popular hair care lines and can state for certain that the natural hair community spends probably more than the average weave wearer. At the risk of getting off topic. THIS is what I find the worse (if I were to judge). At least a weave is reusable. An 8 ounce bottle of water mixed with an emulsifier and shea butter at $16.00 a pop is not. And $300 a pop for hair products is not an anomaly. I don't check natural's pockets, but I'm quite certain that not all of them are balling like that to spend that much on hair custards and leave in conditioner. That money could certainly be put towards something "more important". But I don't care. Why? Because it's none of my business. Who am I to say or judge how much someone makes and what they can afford to purchase....and what they can purchase.

This is why his approach is stupid. How does he know the cost of the weave for each person in his church? How does he know that someone rocking the afro right next to them didn't just spend $300 on Qhemet Biologics, KBB and the "new product line that just came out"? I understand what he's trying to do, I wont deny that black people in general spend an astronomical amount on "beauty" products and clothing, but address the issue as such. But pointing out weave and referencing his congregation as if he knows each individuals financial situation (regardless as to what he says I'm quite certain he does not) is illogical, judgmental, and ridiculous.

If they want to live in a shack with a brand new Mercedes....that's there business. Those folks are grown, he's a jerk for thinking he is in some form of moral authority to tell them how to spend. Curious what kinda car dude drives and how much his suits costs though...

Somebody needs to tell the preacher only God can judge them...

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