My feeling is grown folks who don't want people in their business about how they spend their money should pay their all of their own bills. I don't care if people drive a new Benz and live in a shack unless that shack is public housing or section 8 which means my taxpayers dollars are giving them a place to stay. If grown folks want me to stay out of their busness they should stay out of my pocket. The truth is a lot of people are using government, church, charity money to provide their basic necessities while they want to ball with their money. My church runs a food pantry as do many churches so churches know who are those in need. We also have social services programs at my church. I'm glad we do But to expect the church and food stamps to feed your kids while you spend hundreds getting your hair (weave or natural) and nails done? Why people want to say others are being judgmental when they call out ratchet behavior? Even Jesus called people out when they needed it. I applaud the Rev.
I don't have a single bill that is not paid by me but if I ran into hard times and people were kind enough to help I wouldn't be so disrespectful and unappreciative as to throw my money away that way.
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Well said. I don't appreciate my tax money being spent to someone's hair when I have to save pennies a tub of KCCC!!
I wish I was as eloquent as you!