I think it is more than feminism.
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Which is why I started my original statement with, "I truly think a lot of this - but not all of it - is a feminist issue."

I also have a cousin on assistance who spends ungodly money on hair and nails. But I know men who are just as careless in buying electronics, jewelry or rims. No lie sometimes the rims are worth more than the car. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself. I went for a pedicure today but if I didnt have money for the electric bill Ad would be buffing her feet at home.
Good points, and the whole thing is so frustrating.

What I don't get is why they don't get they could live better if they put their money to better use. Poverty is more than a lack of money. How is spending hundreds on hair and nails when you can't afford it going to improve your situation? Sometimes I wonder if some people want to get out of poverty if all they do is keep digging themselves deeper holes. There are so many people who start poor and they get ahead by working hard and living frugal at least to start. But I have been told there is a generation of young people who don't expect to live long enough to get old so their attitude is YOLO.
Seems this is where the trap of class division (sometimes coupled with racial issues), play out. I completely agree there seems to be something else besides poverty at work when it comes to someone resisting a more stable financial life. Maybe some people have been made to feel less worthy than people with more resources, social standing and (possibly) education? Maybe a classist society has done a terrific job of convincing a lot of people they can't get ahead in any meaningful, long-term way. Or that their success will be met with hostility (often it is). Maybe there's ambivalence about becoming more successful than most people in their community; how that might alienate those they care about via resentment/envy. Some people feel anxious and guilty about being more successful than their parents were, especially if it would "elevate" them to a much higher class standing (I've witnessed this one first hand, several times - like with friends ... sons/daughters of blue collar workers who are now advanced chemists or surgeons). And there are probably many other forces at work keeping a lot of people locked into a class system and financially undermining themselves, is my guess. And it's really frustrating because there are so many talented, bright people who can't or don't want to see just how powerful they really are and can be. Plus those who are of higher class standing are invested in keeping them exactly like that.

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