I shouldn't have to deal with crazy first thing in the A.M.

This is what I get for being too nice and also a bit nosy: being nosy is what possessed me to respond to my crazy neighbor's uh communication bombing (?).

By communication bombing I mean first she tried to FaceTime me (who does that to their neighbors first thing in the AM?), then called & texted me, and finally just showed up at my door. All of that just because she's panicking trying to clean up the mess she's made out of anger at the other neighbor. Well I knew it wouldn't be long before she burned that bridge.

It's no coincidence IMO that her kitten got "very sick" from an "accidental" overdose on Benadryl at the same time. Said kitten came from the neighbor who she's mad at... She made a big mess and destroyed the mattress that this neighbor gave her and IMO also drugged the kitten up out of spite...

Should I call the humane society?

She said the kitten was foaming at the mouth yet she didn't even call a vet. This is the most obvious, but not the only form of abuse I've seen with this kitten. When I asked why she gave her medicine in the first place she said the kitten was having an "allergic reaction"; yet she couldn't give me any reasons why she would think that besides that the kitten was "scratching itself" 😡.

So she gave this what, 2 pound (?) kitten 25mgs of Benadryl. Umm thats's the dosage for for my 25 pound dog...

The truth IMO: she was so angry about the situation w/ the neighbor that she didn't want to be bothered with the kitten (which was a gift from said neighbor) so she tried to drug her up. She's always mad at this kitten (for stupid reasons like it "making a mess" with it's litter) so she either locks it in the bathroom or outside on the patio. She's also joked about giving it Benadryl to make it "shut up" before.

My mom said I should call, but what evidence is there for them to take the kitten?