Well the other forms of abuse are subtle... Like the locking her in the bathroom and outside. It's not like I've seen the kitten being beaten or actually being harmed until this.

I already know from experience the dosages of Benadryl for pets and I'll mention it to the humane society. I know Benadryl is typically not even reccomended as much for cats as for dogs (the vet reccomended my dogs take a small dosage for allergies). Like I said the 25 mgs she said she gave that tiny kitten is as much as is reccomended, max, for my 25 pound dog.

I also can't just go into her house and take the kitten! Trust, I've already gone through that in my head. I've rescued two dogs, and believe me I am really passionate about animals. I've never seen the kitten in obvious danger until today. I also didn't see it, this is just going off of what the girl told me (and she's a pathological liar). The girl said this morning that the kitten was sick last night, but that she is "all better now". That's fishy to me, I suspect that the kitten was possibly never sick...

ETA: The humane society is going over to check things out and "educate" her.

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