@Myrna - the problem I had with the mousses in general is that they simply don't have enough hold for the amount of hair I have, even though I don't have long hair(my hair is in an inverted bob). The CC actually made my hair feel slimy going on, plus it made it LIMP!!! The gel helped, but like I say, I'm NOT into fussing with 2 stylers. ONE is enough, with the LASG. Lesson learned - I have to just stick with what works and NOT change things up just because I hear rave reviews about this or that. I've learned to do this for skin care too. Lots of products out there that people rave about, but I CAN'T use, due to having either reactive skin, or often, no particular benefit from using this or that. Can you believe this - one person on another board told me, even after I had mentioned that the CC mousse had too strong of a smell and that I was sensitive to fragrances in general, that I should try to cover up the fragrance with another one? Yikes!!