What shoe category is most heavily represented? Where would you want to beef up your collection? What's the "best" pair you have? How important do you think shoes are in terms of your outfits and your wardrobe? (i.e., they make the outfit or they are a mere afterthought or something else?) Do you think more than a certain number of shoes is too many?
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idk...30ish... I used to have about 60 but gave a lot away. I have a lot of ballet flats, which I really like. I also have several pairs of mules with heels. I like to look good for work, which includes wearing nice shoes, but my feet are an in-between size. That makes wearing heels a pain (pun intended). Mules are a great compromise for me. Re: brands, I really like Joan & David.

I wish I had more of...everything, really. I guess I'd especially like some nice heels, but they're just not practical for me.

I don't know what my best current pair would be. The best I've had though would be Bally wedges with an ankle chain. They were about $300 (I got them either on sale or on Ebay), but they weren't comfortable. I sold them on Ebay.

As far as how many is too many, Imelda Marcos-level is too many. Other than that, I'm not sure...

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