I wonder how many of you are underestimating how many pairs you have.

I recently got rid of a bunch of old and dogged ones and thought I had only about 20 pairs left. But I started to count and realized I have more than 65 pairs left.

I'm including boots, sneakers and sandals. Not including house slippers or rubber flip flops (I love my rubber flip flops but somehow I just can't call them shoes.)

The types of shoes that are overrepresented for me are: UNCOMFORTABLE and TOO HIGH!

I wish I could find more really cool, nice looking pairs w/ 3-4 inch heels. I don't ever want to buy anything over 4 inches ever again.

I HATE those classic (ie, plain, boring) pointy-toe, black, spike heel pumps and never buy them. like these:

But I feel a tad remiss for not owning a pair. Like less than a woman, like still a child.