Hi everyone! I'm Alex, 19 yrs old, and due to being a studious and busy college student, I've decided to ditch the hair straightener after 4 years and go with my natural waves.
Unfortunately, my hair has been damaged from the heat treatment, as well as suffers from tons of frizz.

I am using a modified CG I read on a blog (person also has wvy hair). Plus, I need low-po more because I have oily hair.

So I'm on my fourth day on the CG and it's been actually going pretty well My waves are starting to adjust. I need to find a product for my frizz control, though.

So yeah, the basics:

Hair: 2b/some c, High porosity, High Density, Med Hair Width. Short hair with layers (growing out longest layer to shoulders)

Would love to have a Hair Twin or a Mentor for this. Otherwise, any advice will do.

(Also, random: who can tell me how some people on these threads have like a signature or end statement?? Please and thank you!)