I know, I saw the ingredients. However, since my hair is more wavy than curly, and I'm following a modified CG method, I decided to use it for now.
So far it's helped with my frizz

But if there is a leave in that you know (thats super cheap and easily accessible) that is CG approved for 2b/2c hair, I'm willing to try it out
Hair: 2c, maybe a bit 2b
High Porosity, High Denisty
Growing out my short asymmetrical bob and side bangs

-Trader Joe's Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner
-Leave- In spray that I made with : 1 tlspn of Suave Cocnut Condish and water
-Paul Mitchell's Flexible Style Sculpting Serum
-Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Mousse
-Tec-Italy Final Touch Gel (ingredients are CG friendly)

Mod CG start: 08/28/2013