That seems awfully early to be discharged from hospital after a suicide attempt, quite apart from the fact that detoxing from Xanax is a difficult thing to do. I hope he's still going to get some input from a health professional somewhere along the line.
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It's pathetic how quickly they release people from hospitals here, and given the large cuts being made at many (hundreds of employees), it's only going to get worse.

You are right about this being a test of the relationship, Lotsa. Any down turn is, but I do agree with the others who said you shouldn't read too much into it at this point. You have a lot on you right now, too. It's going to create tension for you both. Don't blame you for wanting to talk about it quickly though. I am the same way.

I hope your son in law will do well, and I really hope he will attend some meetings. I have always thought those have to be good, if someone is serious about wanting help. You at least admit what your problem is to a group of people and have some accountability and extra support from that point on. Sometimes it's just easier to talk to strangers than your family.
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