So school is coming back and that means that I only have so much time to do my hair in the morning! I have to shower everyday because I work out everyday and it would be gross if I didn't. I also style my hair when it's soaking wet, but I need help on drying my hair quickly. I have a microfiber towel and a diffuser but I want my hair to go from soaking to pretty much dry in about 10 minutes. Any tips that won't leave my hair a big frizz ball?
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You will likely damage your hair trying to go from soaking to dry in ten minutes. Many people shower their body without washing their hair, you might consider dry shampoo. Not sure if you literally mean you train seven days a week but if so that is not recommended, active rest/ recovery days are critical.

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Thanks for the concern! No I don't train everyday, but I run for about 20-30 min a day to keep healthy! And I do actual training only about 3-4 days a week. And I think I'll try plopping for a while(more than 10 min) while I do my makeup and routine so that when I diffuse my hair I won't damage it from drying too quickly! Do you think that could work?
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