I've lurked on nc.com for at least 6 years...left for a while, but I have been driven back recently by my 3b's uncooperative ways...

A little recent background...my hair is BSL and the ends are usually nice, ringlet-y, and clumpy. However the top layer of my hair has become very dry, frizzy, and looks more reminiscent of Bon Jovi in the early 90's than I'd like to admit. I've used various shampoos & cond over the years, but one thing I have done consistently for at least 5 years is add SAO to my hair after detangling, and use RUSK wired on the ends. The past year or so I've added TIGI curls rock amplifier, which really seemed to work great at first for that frizzy top layer, but now - not so much.

I read the CG book for the first time two weeks ago - ironically I had just used a suave clarifying poo and mixed some Nexxus Keraphix with Burt's avocado butter, and it was sitting on my hair as a leave in. After reading the book, I waited until the next day to rinse it out (no poo, no more cond. - just a rinse). Hair was soft, but somewhat poofy (too soft?). I haven't used poo since, and that was ten days ago. The top layer of my my hair is seeming to get drier and drier (and frizzier!). I've rinsed with conditioner (twice with VO5 kiwi+Keraphix, once with philosophy amazing grace) but not really co-washed at all.

Here is my question (and if you've made it this far, I appreciate it!) - I can't decide if the dullness/frizziness on my top layer is buildup or total lack of moisture. I've read alot of posts about clarifying rinses, should I have done that after the DT? Or am I just using the wrong conditioners? I'm terrified to clarify my hair if what it needs is more moisture.

Thanks for reading - a novel, I know. I just need some good advice, and I don't know who else to ask!