A "course of iron tablets" is generally not enough to cure anaemia unless that course is about a year in length and the reason you have anaemia has been rectified.

In addition if you had low ferritin levels as well having low haemoglobin levels then your ferritin levels may not be high enough after the "course of iron tablets".

Serum ferritin needs to be above 50 for hair to start to re-grow and consistently over 70 for 3 months for it to continue.

You need to go and get another blood test asap that checks both your ferritin and haemoglobin levels.

You can get your family doctor to conduct the blood tests but you may have to push him/her to do your ferritin level as most family doctors don't know the link between ferritin levels and hair loss plus fatigue and breathless unless the level is less than the very wide lab range.

Once you get your copy of the results, if the ferritin level lower than 50 go back and see the trichologist.

In addition you don't need to buy the supplements that the trichologist pushes on you. You can buy iron supplements as well as vitamin supplements more cheaply from a pharmacy. If you have the box with the dosage from your previous cycle then take it and show the pharmacist once you have been told your iron and/or ferritin level is still low.

Only when your ferritin level has been consistently over 70 for 3 months will you know whether your traction alopecia is permanent.

Finally regular massage like regular xercise will increase blood flow to your scalp however if the blood doesn't have enough nutrients it's not going to work.

The hair like the nails are not considered vital organs by the body, and so if you are deficient in any nutrients your body will give them to your most vital organs first.

BTW I have been anaemic and I loss my hair line. It took about a year to start re-growing like the rest of my hair. I was on iron tablets for just over 2 years.