I'm hoping to order the book later this week. I've been reading things online, but everything seems so scattered and/or contradicting, it's sometimes kind of hard to put it all together. So hopefully the book will help.

As for hair properties....

seems to be medium, though I do have some very course strands mixed in here and there

seems to be medium to high, I definitely get some catching feeling if I fun my fingers up the strand

Curl type:
I think I'm 2C or 3A? I don't know, what do you think?

Drying time:
My hair takes forever to dry. When I wash it at 7:30 in the morning and head to work, it's usually after noon before it's truly completely dry.

Dew point:
In my area it's currently around 51 degrees.

So for today.....

I tossed with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Define and Hold Creme. It was nearly gone anyway, and I never really did care for the sticky texture of it.

I co washed with the L`Oreal and conditioned with the Tressemme. Then added a fair amount of Tressemme as a leave in, a fair amount of KCKT, quarter size of the GF gel, combed with wide tooth comb, scrunched, scrunched out water with cotton towel, and plopped for 20 minutes with long sleeve t-shirt. Today it looks less frizzy, but has a lot of drying to do still, so we'll see how it looks later.

Right now it just feels stiff and crunchy. lol! Definitely need to play with how much of what to use.

I can play around with shorter plop times with week, because I know I won't have time for 20 minute plops before work.
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