I have started (as of a week and a half ago, anyhoo) rinsing with cool water. As with everything else, it was great at first but my hair still seems drier after 10 days of no washing.

My hair has gotten drier and drier (gradually) over the past 6 months - I think I'm attributing it to a serious 'cone increase at the end of last summer (curls rock + biosilk silk therapy). Right after the Burt's, my hair was very soft, but within a week it is drier than it was before using it. So maybe the oils from the DT were masking the inherent dryness problem? And SAO = sweet almond oil (I stocked up from garden botanika before they closed their stores - you used to be able to add custom essential oils to scent it however you wanted. Love it!)

Also probably a no-no, but I sleep with a hair pineapple (ponytail smack on top of my head). My hair would be a matted mess if I didn't do this. But I've done it for at least ten years - so even though I know it's probably not the best thing for my hair, it's hard to think it's causing the major change in the past few months. (and especially the last week)

I'm so jealous of people complaining of *greasy* hair after starting the CG routine...a girl can hope....