Thanks! I know my hair (and skin) loves coconut oil. I've started using it for everything. lol

I'm not sure how my hair reacts to protein yet, still experimenting.

Panthenol attracts moisture, right? I've been using agave nectar, and my hair loves that.

What do ceramides and 18-MEA do?

3A (some 2B/2C in back)
High density, coarse, low porosity.

Hates protein. A LOT.
Loves coconut and avocado oils, agave nectar and glycerin.

As I Am Coconut co-wash

Leave-in & Styling:
Shea butter! OMG I'm in love!
FSG with agave nectar and coconut & tea tree oils.
Sometimes: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrient spray or FrizzEase curl spray