I'd say 3a. Do you mean it takes forever to dry naked or with products on?
Naked or with product it takes forever to dry. My hair is so thick, I have a lot of it! Probably takes a little bit longer with product than without product.

Since you are using a fairly basic/ lightweight conditioner and have a lot of hair you might experiment with way more leave in conditioner, I often think I've used too much but rarely have. Also sounds like you might need more gel for hold, maybe less Kinky Curly Knot Today since that is more of a detangler than a conditioner or styler.
So I'm curious, since "a little more/a little less/a little bit/a fair amount" can mean different things to different people, "how much" leave in conditioner and gel do you use/suggest? Dime size amount? Quarter size? Something larger?
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