I have been doing mod-CG routine for over two years. I treated it fairly well before it too - rarely heat styled and minical coloring but nothing since I went CG (lo-poo once or twice a week depending on season products I'm using). I'm still getting it right and solving some issues (tangles and high porosity) but overall my hair is healthy.

My problem is baby hair. I have it all over the top of my head and they are FRIZZY. No protein, moisture, styler has helped. Not damaged hair - just lots of shorter baby hair. I am high porosity and live in NY so deal with lots of dew issues and frizz overall. But even when the rest of my hair looks nice, the top doesn't. And that's the part that matters - it frames the face!

I've dealt with it but now I'm going to be working in a more corporate environment and I can't look like that for work.

I probably wont quit altogether but do need to find a frizz fighting styler and that probably will mean cones.