There are these shorter pieces underneath the rest of my hair, right in the very back, that could never fit into my braids or twists. They'd always stick out since they were too short to fit in with the rest of what I was doing. I had been so frustrated with my hair in general and having to go through the process of spritz/co-wash, detangle, style every day and the fact that no matter what I did my twist-outs never looked right that I took a pair of scissors and cut off those short pieces.
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Sounds about like my answer, only mine weren't so easily hidden. I took a razor to my baby hairs at the front because there were just so freaking many it looked like I had itty bitty bangs... so when the stubble showed up, my only option was to cut actual bangs. It's starting to look like baby hair again, so I started pinning my bangs back and throwing a bit of makeup over what's most annoying.