Well, my hair hates protien, apparently. I suspected it might be bad, but this is awful.

My hair is fairly low porosity, from what I can tell. It floats and while it's nice and smooth when I run my fingers from ends up to roots, it is also squeaky, which I read means it's pretty dry (which I already knew).

My stylist has always commented that my hair is hard to get any chemicals to take. Although she uses very gentle stuff.

So I tried a protien treatment, and now my hair feels very stiff? coarse? I can't describe it. Not rough or crunchy exactly, but kinda like horsehair or something. And my curls are all droopy.

How do I make them soft and un-droopy again?
3A (some 2B/2C in back)
High density, coarse, low porosity.

Hates protein. A LOT.
Loves coconut and avocado oils, agave nectar and glycerin.

As I Am Coconut co-wash

Leave-in & Styling:
Shea butter! OMG I'm in love!
FSG with agave nectar and coconut & tea tree oils.
Sometimes: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrient spray or FrizzEase curl spray