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Check out the staff. If I had the choice between dealing with racists versus self haters I will take racists any day. I have no patience for self hating black people whose mind sets are still on the plantation with massah. They dislike anything too black and want to be "white washed" because they think that is more acceptable. . And these are hypocrites too. One of the teachers is clearly sporting locs or twists. One teacher got an afro puff. Head lady is rocking a curly fro wig. Also one teacher a Ms?? Gwynn writes about her marriage and divorce in her professional bio. Who does that and who cares and what does her romantic life have to do with her teaching abilities?

Rachet Rachet Rachet. There was nothing unpresentable about that little girl's hair.
My child would not be going to that school.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.