Honestly, from the looks of it, they were doing the little girl and her family a favor. I don't understand how her hair was inappropriate. However, it was in the dress code - so they really should have enforced this earlier on if they were going to. It sounds like a very disorganized school. I can understand afros being a problem, and not being able to see the chalkboard, but dreads? Especially the little ones that she has? Come on!
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Can you please explain how they were doing the family a favor?

Also if you grow 7 inches on wavy hair it will hang down. If I grow 7inches of my tightly curly hair it will poof out like afro.. If I am required to braid or straighten my naturally growing hair then you should be too otherwise it is discrimination. I don't see an all girls must pull back their hair policy here. Secondly hair does not loc overnight so it is not like she could have all of a sudden started wearing dreads. Speaking of distraction I considered long flowy hair a distraction in school. I hated sitting behind those girls in high school because they were always getting their hair out of their face by flipping it back and right in my face. I remember a girl finally had enough once and grabbed another girl by the hair. Im not saying that was right but my point is it was a distraction and no one was was making these girls "control" their hair.
And just because a school system has rules people should not feel obligated to accept them if they are unfair. If that was the case we would still have segregated schools. And like I said several of the teachers don't follow this policy so why do the students have to respect rules the teachers don't.
To say afros and dreads are fads is laughable. What do they think we did for centuries before relaxers, blowdryers and pressing combs? If anything is a fad it is straightening.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.