I completely agree with your position that there's no guarantee someone will never have to see their high school peers again. Good call. But it's also too much of a generalization to proclaim that "after high school, no one cares". Of course some people outside of high school care. Some of us will continue to endure rejection re: our hair and other aspects of ourselves, sometimes from mere acquaintances at a party and sometimes by people we thought would be more accepting.

As far as moving away, my message was not that it should be easy. What I meant was that it is a deceptively simple choice. It's simple in that the geographical move alone can be a catalyst to more diverse social opportunities. But yes, of course it will take effort, like anything in life, and more or less effort depending on things like monetary resources and level of confidence. So yes, all one needs do is step outside her proverbial backyard. And it's a simple choice, not necessarily an easy one IMO.

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