Hi there

I have a question, and I hope there are some curly girls on this board who can help me

about 1,5 year ago I've applied henna to my hair, the Lush Caca marron. About one year ago (october 2012) I've applied the Lush caca Brun to my hair. the color is faded away, only in the last few inches from my hair you still can see some red tint, and when the sun shines you see a reddish tint on my hair.

Now I would like to go to the hairdresser to get some highlights (blond streaks) in my hair. Is it safe to apply highlights on old hennad hair, or will it turn green? I've heard that Lush henna is safe to use with chemical dyes, but since the caca brun had indigo in it?

hairtype 2b/C
High density , low porosity, my hair absolutely hates some protein but once a 3 month a gelatine treatment
Leave-in: Giovanni direct leave-in, Inecto coconut conditioner
styling products: Gelebration spray, Etos styling gel strong, BHRG is my HG for hold and clumps
method: Scrunch'n'pump, SOTC