I'm grumpy.
My commute that normally takes me 35 minutes or so in the mornings (sometimes 40) - has been close to an hour the past week and a half.
So, this morning I made sure I left ON TIME (not a couple of minutes after TIME, because it really can make a difference)
No. took me an hour.

BUT, not only that, I'm driving along (well, mostly sitting there) and the radio informs me that the toll road prices have gone up, effective today. $2 more each way. All the other tolls went up by 5-15 CENTS. The road I take by $2 more. They did this a few months ago, so I exit one exit earlier, etc - but no, this morning my toll doubled from 1.70 to 3.40. So mad. I figure it's going to cost me close to $80 more per month. Is it doable? yes - am I going to do that? HELL NO.
I'm so annoyed that I'm boycotting the tollroad - possibly cutting my nose off to spite my face - but I'm not paying $80 more a month to drive a road that's been taking me nearly an hour to get to work anyway. I'll just get up even earlier.

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