I recently was directed to this site by one of my friends who has extremely curly hair while I was complaining about how long it takes to do my hair and how I wish I could just wash and go.

Well, I'm so glad I found it. I never know what to call my hair. I had straight hair growing up until I turned 13, then it was curly!! My mom had straight hair and had no idea what to do with curly hair, so I sort of figured it out as I went, trial and error.

Over the years I have colored my hair and straightened it a LOT. I am 25 years old, have been coloring and straightening on and off since I was 16. I was always told my hair looked so good when straight, and at least when straight, I could easily braid it or put it up. If i wore my hair natural, I noticed it would start out ok and just get frizzier and frizzier throughout the day.

Now I'm 25 and I am sick of having to do that all the time. I still color my hair, but I straighten it less often (although I still do ). I found this site and am hoping you can help me figure out how to deal with my naturally wavy/curly hair and make it beautiful the way it is naturally.

From looking around on the site, I think I have mainly 2C hair. The difficult thing for me is that the bottom layers are almost straight (the longest parts) whereas the top and back gets extremely frizzy and the curls are a bit tighter. I did the porosity test, and was surprised to find out that I think I have low porosity hair ... it floated and it feels smooth. My hair is also thin and gets oily by the second day.

So what do I do now? How do I figure out what is good for my hair? Over the summer I started using L'Oreal EverPure for color-treated hair and I generally like it. I did a couple deep conditioning treatments with SheaMoisture and I think I like it, my hair felt really smooth and soft after. I also tried some olive oil as a "pre-poo" and it felt really nice after but it was really messy.

What should I do next? I was thinking of going to a salon nearby that has good reviews and asking for help, but I am in graduate school and am tight on money! All my paychecks go to bills, so money is not free-flowing right now. We also have a Sally Beauty Supply in walking distance.

Any advice? I am finding it SO HARD to give up my hair straightener and blow-dryer!!! How do I get over that part of me that has been taught to believe I look better with straight hair?