Help! I woke up to several text from my freaking out friend. Do you think massage therapy would be a good career choice? No, no I don't. We do have several spa's for average Joe to rich and famous here, but think about our friend who went through the program, graduated at the top of her class, is still at her old job, and has only been able to work part time at it. Also, she's spent $$$ to keep up her cert's, for many years now. People cut out extras like that when having a harder time paying the bills. And massages are an extra in 90% of cases.

We've had this talk before. I hate it when he decided to go back to school, because he freaking hates school. He just looks at it through rose colored glasses when stressed. And no matter what you say, he gets defensive. You're 39, we both old enough to know you can still hate a job you love, pick wisely, and how is fryers being added to the kitchen of your current job corporate again?

I am at a loss.

** It really is a round and round with him. He freaks out about waiting tables at least once in a 7-10 year period, goes back to school, has a complete melt down, quits school (just like he did at 16), and goes back to waiting tables. He forgets about the cycle he has been stuck in for years. He says he couldn't live off of $12-15 an hour. I don't know what to tell him. Most jobs here don't pay major $. He's never spent his money wisely and normally doesn't worry about rent until the weekend before it's due. He used to bum it off friends so at least he's made progress. He can't work an 8-5, M-F job because he has headaches. He can't do corporate because it's uncomfortable. He calls things corporate that are not. He shoot everything down, and picks things he has no chance getting a job at. I feel like his parent, and I am not. Eeeeeee
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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