That article appears to focus on the ability of detergents to dissolve oils, not silicones or polyquaterniums. A primary reason why low-poos are recommended over sulphate poos is that they don't strip hair of oil, which would leave it dry and unprotected.
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You're right. The article itself does focus on dissolving oils. But what I meant by the author implying that cocamidoproyl betaine might not remove all silicones was based on his or her answer to a question in the comments section.

The question:
would this be enough to cleanse if you co- washed and didn't use silicones (except water soluble ones) but say used polyquats? ty CHM
The answer:
CHM - polyquats similar to silicones tend to require SLS for removal. However this depends on how much is in the product and also some polyquats are 'easier' to remove than others. The best advice I can give is a watch and see approach. If you start experiencing build up then you know perhaps the shampoo is not good enough.
It seems that the author is saying that silicones are similar to polyquats in that they need the harsher sulfates for removal.

But even if that's true, that would apply only to the non-soluble silicones. BTW, I'm not necessarily agreeing with the author but was just pointing out to the previous poster that Natural Haven, as far as I can see, doesn't flat out state that cocamidoproyl betaine removes silicone build-up.

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