You should definitely give the curly girl method a try. It has saved many people's hair, including my own. NO sulfates or silicones, and you really need to cut out the heat. Sulfates dry the hair, and silicones coat the hair, not letting any moisture penetrate, and drying the hair in the long run. Your frizz and poof problem is lack of moisture and heat/chemical damage.

Get yourself a sulfate free cleanser and a silicone free conditioner (shea moisture, giovanni, and devacurl are my favorite brands) and a co-wash conditioner like suave naturals might be good if you want to co-wash

Then you need a silicone free leave in conditioner, and you can actually use your curl enhancing smoothie because it is pretty moisturizing

As for a styling product, I would recommend a silicone free gel for better control. I usually recommend the LA looks gels for newbies because they are cheap and there is a wide variety so you can try a bunch out to find your perfect fit without breaking the bank. The sport is really popular. Look for a hold from 7-10.


I usually use my conditioner as a base and add stuff like eggs, mayo, olive/coconut oil, yogurt, honey, agave, etc

When your hair improves in condition, you need to do a big chop to get rid of the damaged ends. Then your hair will be healthy and grow quickly.

3a, fine/med strand thickness, high density, low porosity
CG since April 2012
BC October 2012
Cleanser: SheaMoisture Manuka Honey or CJ Daily Fix
RO Conditioner: Mop Top Daily Conditioner
Leave In: KCKT
Stylers: Either Raw Curls Spray Gel, Raw Curls Medium Hold Gel, or MopTop Curly Custard, and always topped with Curlisto Control II Gel
Sealer: Pure Argan Oil