I think poxyfairy meant the school did them a favor because she's in a much better school now.

I don't see the point of having dress codes if a) you're not going to enforce them uniformly (last year vs. this year); b) you're not going to enforce them with staff; c) you don't have a good reason for them, especially in light of what the school is ostensibly trying to accomplish.

Paddling is not uncommon in some private schools, especially religious ones. I refused to enroll my son in an otherwise good school because they had a paddling policy. I also grew up in the era of public school corporal punishment, and believe me, we behaved, but most of us were scared sh*tless of the teachers who spanked, shook, rapped knuckles with the ruler, etc. My second grade teacher was a tyrant. If the only way you can maintain order is to terrify your students, then you shouldn't be teaching. It sounds to me like that family is well shut of that school.
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I just assumed that corporal punishment was illegal these days - just learned that it is legal for public schools in 19 states and private schools in 48.

Your second grade teacher is the exact reason why I wouldn't give that permission to a teacher or school. Reminds me of the movie/musical Matilda. You're right students should not be terrified of teachers.

This family was given the push they needed to leave that (awful IMO) school.