Fellow NY'er and frizzy baby hair sufferer here too. I have found that no matter what I use on the top of my head they will rear their little butts when my hair dries. The only thing I have found that works is to section my hair and add product that way. The downside is I get very little volume from this. As I like my hair to have a bit of volume I add my products upside down and then right side up with a gentle smoothing over the canopy at the end. I also found that when I scrunch it disturbs them and makes them stick up. Also if I over manipulate my hair, game over. For me it was technique not products that allow me some control over them.
"I'm not high maintenance, my hair is."
3c mostly fine, high to normal porosity, medium density, normal elasticity

Co-Wash- VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea, TreSemme Naturals
LowPoo- GTTT
RO- GVP Conditioning Balm
LI- Giovanni Direct Leave In, GVP Conditioning Balm,
Stylers- KMFUM, Eco Styler Krystal, AOMMM, UFDCM,
Oils- Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Coconut
PT- IAGirl's Gelatin PT
DC- AS I Am Hydrating Mask