Fellow NY'er and frizzy baby hair sufferer here too. I have found that no matter what I use on the top of my head they will rear their little butts when my hair dries. The only thing I have found that works is to section my hair and add product that way. The downside is I get very little volume from this. As I like my hair to have a bit of volume I add my products upside down and then right side up with a gentle smoothing over the canopy at the end. I also found that when I scrunch it disturbs them and makes them stick up. Also if I over manipulate my hair, game over. For me it was technique not products that allow me some control over them.
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Also a fellow New Yorker here. I agree completely with this. I have thick hair and simply scrunching in product doesn't cut it for me. I use 2-3 layers (curl enhancer + hold product, then either a LI or I don't rinse out my RO conditioner). I scrunch in the first 1 (or 2) layers upside down, then flip right-side up and apply gel in 4 sections. First section is smoothed over canopy, mostly at my part line. Then I apply gel with combo rake and scrunch technique to right side, left side and back. Then I flip upside down again and scrunch one more blob into the length of my hair and plop. Yes, I use a large amount of gel< but product distribution was the key to controlling frizz, including those pesky baby hairs.

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