As a kid I used to stare at the straight haired girls and just dream about having that silky hair or cute little bob. I wore my hair braided every day and wound up with a halo of frizfrizzy curls. My hair was combed and braided at bed time and brushed and braided in the morning. When I was in middle school I chopped it off to shoulder length and wore a lot of fluffy ponytails till a black girl told me to buy some gel. God bless that girl. (I am white of course and all the white girls ever did was make fun of my frizz) She told me how to use it and I discovered my reduced frizz, albeit crunchy, curls. She taught me to scrunch out the crunch as well. I still wore a lot of buns plastered with gel and hairspray but things got better anyway.

My daughter is 6 and her hair is straight and she stares at my curls and tells me how pretty they are and how she wants curly hair like me. And I tell her how beautiful her she is even if she was bald but point out all the benefits of her hair as well.