Please don't melt, Rou.

It's this not supposed to be the land of religious freedom? That would include the freedom to not be religious as well as the freedom to be (insert any religion here).

People need to chill out and not get their knickers in a twist over a great many things.

** Just reflecting... I can't even remember the last time I said the pledge. You said it every day when I was in elementary school, that's been removed to not offend anyone with different beliefs/non beliefs. So.... Oh wait! I watched PeeWee Herman's return to broadway show and he asked everyone to stand up and recite it (it was appropriate with the age group), so I did. It made me smile. So that's once since 1988.
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I grew up military, we did the national anthem every day at 5pm, it would blare on the loudspeakers and you were to stop doing whatever you were doing and wait it out (hand on heart, etc) - traffic stopped, everything. And, at the movies, they played it before the movie started. The first time I went to a civilian movie theatre after HS (i was living overseas and moved to the states after HS graduation) - I stood up LOL, my friend was laughing at me, she was a brat, too, but had much more experience in the civilian world. No national anthem.
Kind of makes me sad.

I also cannot remember the last time I did the pledge, so I'm doing it now.
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