I have 3 issues.

First, I have 2A hair and have used sulfate-free shampoos and paraben-free conditioners for several years. I also color my hair with Naturtint. My hair is thin to begin with, but now I'm losing a lot around my hairline. Yikes!

I suspect the hair color is part of the problem. But it seems like the sulfate-free shampoos make it brittle and straw-like. Is that true for anyone else? I've used DevaCare, Giovanni, JessiCurl and others. DevaCare is the best of the bunch for me.

Second, I want to stop coloring, but I'm afraid I'll look too washed out. I have medium-brown hair. I thought of using the John Freida brunette glaze, but from what I've read here that's not a good idea.

Third, I've followed the curly girl routine of using a wide-tooth comb with conditioner in my hair, but when I get out of the shower my hair is plastered to my head. Scrunching it works for the back, but I'll look bald in spots on top. Ye gads.

I'd appreciate any tips on shampoos, glazes (or transitioning to gray), and styling for thinning hair. Thanks!