In middle school... I was called "poofy" or "fritzy" by kids on the bus.

In elementary school I always wore my hair braided. One day I requested unbraided pigtails. I was told I looked like a dog and I never wore pigtails again.

In highschool I gelled my hair daily or did a tight bun with tons of hairspray to combat frizz. If someone touched my head they would say "oh my its so hard it feels like a helmet!" If I tried to put it in a ponytail curly I thought it looked cute but was told I needed to put it back down because the ponytial was lumpy.

When I would go to the bathroom I would run wet hands over my hair to reactivate the gel and smooth frizz... one girl said "look Ashley has her own personal towel" seriously?

The best ones were in middle school before i discovered gel.. "I bet your hair would look better if you brushed it more". So I carried a brush with me at school like all the other girls.... obviously it didn't help.

At career day in middle school all these girls were getting beautiful french braids. My mom used to French braid mine as a kid but my Aunt who got custody of me when I was 8 didn't know how. Nobody made fun of me when it used to be braided so I anxiously waited in line and when it got my turn the girls pulled my hair out of the ponytail and tried to comb it with that little black comb.... she finally said she didn't have time. ... I was so disappointed.

Oh yes and the first time I started using gel I was so excited about the spirals I had, my aunt told me it looked ridiculous and tried to get me to blow dry it and then put it in a twist at night so it would be "nice and wavy" my uncle told me I looked like a wet poodle. Such support!

But my grandma. ... who religiously perms her stick straight hair and has 4 curly haired daughters, loved it! And still does. Luckily one of my other aunts who embraces her curls, gave me some products like biosilk when I was around 16 and I began discovering the softer side of curls. Unfortunately I discovered a flat iron around that time too. ...

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